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Automatic Return on Investment



Method of Calculation



10,000 referrals per year/500 members  =  20 referrals/member

20 referrals x 30% closing =  6 sales

6 sales x avg. sale of $20 = $120


Visitors Center Display

Visitors Guides

10,000 visitors guides distributed per year x  10% who see your materials = 1,000 exposures

1,000 exposures x 1% closing = 10 sales

10 sales x avg sale of $20 = $200



12 events per year x 3 contacts per event = 24 contacts per year

24 contacts x 30% closing = 7 sales

7 new customers x $20 avg sale = $140


Member News

6 press releases per year resulting in 4 lines of copy each = 24 lines of copy

24 lines x $6 per line (classified ad rate) = $144



6 exposures per month x 12 months = 72 exposures per year

72 exposures x 10% conversion rate = 7.2 sales

7.2 sales x $20 avg sale = $144


Membership Directory

2 referrals or sale per year x $20 avg. sale = $40





Elective and Circumstantial Return on Investment





Business Expo

Savings realized on a $100 exhibit cost vs. average $500 trade show exhibit booth


Government Affairs

Reinstatement of Homestead Exemption preventing a 20%+ property tax increase

Consistent advocating and lobbying on behalf of Laughlin Air Force Base and jobs therein.








Chamber Credibility

Customers put a lot of trust in the Chamber logo..and business that display it.

Community Affairs

Business/education partnerships, workforce development involvement, executive and student leadership programs and more to make Del Rio a better city and marketplace.

Government Affairs

Laws, ordinances, initiatives….who looks out for the best interest of business and free enterprise if not the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce?  Many proposed forms of legislation create or increase taxation and government interference.  The Chamber keeps that in check.


Working relationships with Del Rio’s public sector economic engines: Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio Border Patrol Sector Headquarters, National Parks Service, and other agencies in area.


With minimal participation



Economic Reports

Monthly economic snapshots help business owners and executives prepare for the future.


Network, expand your business horizons and learn about people and process vital to your company at Chamber mixers, luncheons, expos, and as a volunteer.

Chamber Media

Extremely effective and cost-efficient advertising to help you save money.


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